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Niche Cocoa Industry adjudged best exporter

Mr Kobina Ade Coker, the Chairman of the Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) has said exporters of various products are the cornerstone of the nation's economic growth.

He said 'exports have not just brought Ghana some much-needed foreign cash; it has also provided direct and indirect employment to many Ghanaians, reduced poverty and given goodwill and awareness of our dear nation in the external market.'

Speaking at a recent awards event organised the GEPA, Mr Ade Coker said straw baskets produced in Bolgatanga, has placed Bolgatanga on the international basket market.

The event, associated with the Adinkra 'Akↄben' symbol - which represents a state of readiness, vigilance and wariness, was held under the theme: 'Celebrating Export Excellence'.

Various companies were honoured for their achievements and the basis for the selection was based on short listing all exporters who had a minimum export earning benchmark for products totaling US$ 250,000.

Niche Cocoa Industry Limited received the 26th President's National Award for Export Achievement for 2015.

Niche Cocoa, the largest cocoa processor in Ghana, also provides stable jobs for a workforce of more than 300 Ghanaians and has an installed capacity of 70,000 metric tonnes per annum.

Kingdom Exim Ghana Limited was adjudged the Most Diversified Exporter of the Year; with its major export products being cashew nuts and animal feed.

Platinum Award winners at the event includes Azar Chemical Industries Limited; Sterling International, Lion Aluminum Products Limited, Interplast Limited, Latex Foam Rubber Products Limited, and Gravita Ghana Limited.

The Gold Award winners include Klaast Company Limited, Western Rod & Wire Limited, Akosombo Textiles Limited, DTRT Apparel Limited, Chidwell Limited, Kingdom Exim Ghana Limited, West African Forgings Limited, Logs and Lumber Limited, African Explosives Ghana Limited, Srighan Farms Limited and the HPW Fresh & Dry Services Limited.

Silver Award winners include Ghana Nuts Company Limited, Dhillon Farms International, Duraplast Limited, Joekopan Enterprise, and Dasoa Company Limited.

The Special Honorary Awards went to Zuriel Carbon Products Limited, A.D. Agrispro Company Limited, Nallem Clothing and Winglow Clothes and Textiles Limited.

Supporters of the event include the Ghana Export-Import Bank, the National Investment Bank, Akosombo Textiles Limited, the Ghana Shippers Authority, Kasapreko, the WestBlue Consulting, Prudential Bank Limited and the Bank of Ghana.



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