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Important Notice on Falsification of Customs Documents

It has come to the notice of the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority that some importers, traders, shipping agents and clearing agents are in the habit of falsifying, faking or altering documents covering their consignments of goods imported with the aim of evading the payment of the correct and appropriate duties and taxes.


These documents include invoices, bills of lading, sales contracts, bank payment documents and even the Customs Classification and Valuation Reports.


The conduct constitutes an offence under Section 123 of the Customs Act 2015, (Act 891).


The public is hereby warned that any importer, trader, shipping agent or clearing agent who is caught in this practice shall be sanctioned in accordance with section 121 of Act 891.  The sanctions include:


(i)            Forfeiture to the State of the goods in respect of which the offence is committed.

(ii)          A fine of not more than two thousand, five hundred penalty units or a term of imprisonment of not more than five years or both.


Where an officer of the Customs Division is found to have condoned and/or connived in the commission of an offence as referred to above, such officer shall be disciplined in accordance with the internal disciplinary procedures and where necessary such officer may also be prosecuted accordingly.


The public is hereby advised.


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  1. pee's avatar pee said on 2/7/2017 6:56 AM: Reply  
    The question we should ask ourselves is,why are they doing that?At times the rate at which the values are raised or increased also raises many questions.According to the WTO agreement customs as valuation units also don't regards the agreement many times.They also increases values any how,thinking there is a targets they must achieves.So to me we need really looks at the WTO agreements critically.We are all to be blame.Although,it is true that traders,importers and agent are at times does under invoicing and over invoicing.
    Communication among importers and traders are very important.They communicate amongst themselves what goes on on the valuations of their goods.So therefore something needs to be done.A forum can be call and deeper discussions among the stakeholders.This is if we want a quinine work all must embrace it and forward.
    Much appreciated.
    Best regards,
    Prosper k.m.a Kiitty
  2. crazy dee's avatar crazy dee said on 2/16/2017 1:25 PM: Reply  
    Because importers know that customs normally increases the value of their goods on the basis of assessed freight and fob values, they also tend to reduce their values so that when they are uplifted it will be around the same value they bought those items. I think its time customs learn to do the right thing and importers will also comply with them as such.

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