Ecowas common external tariff and other schedules

The CET which could be obtained from GRA stores. Officers may have the soft copy in their computers..Read More

Tariff Decisions and Tariff interpretations

Current Tariff decisions and interpretations which could be obtained from the Customs branch..Read More

Chemical List

To be obtained from the Customs branch at Head office to be used by both Examination Officers ..Read More

Censorship List

This is a list of traders, agents and individuals who have been banned to transact business with the Service. ..Read More

Mining List

A list showing items which could be imported free of duty or at concessionary rates by the mining industries..Read More

Diplomatic List

A list of Diplomatic missions which are to be accorded the privilege of importing goods..Read More

Spitting rod

This is a rod designed to spit bags of rice, flour, sugar maize, etc. to determine whether contrabands have been ..Read More

The dipping rod

This is a wooden or metal rod like a ruler, with four sides which is used to dip drums of ethyl alcohol..Read More


There are different types of weighing scales. The type of goods to be weighed will determine the type of scale..Read More

Measuring tape

This is necessary for the measuring of textiles and paper. It could be purchased from the market...Read More


Officers may have calculators in their phones but it may be necessary to have at least calculators at all..Read More


This could be ordinary note books or loose sheets which the Examination Officer may carry to record..Read More


Where officers are to examine hazardous, noxious or dangerous goods, they are expected to wear gloves..Read More

Nose Masks

The Examination Officer is supposed to cover his nose to avoid inhaling noxious gases during examination. ..Read More

List of privileged institutions, educational institutions

A list of privileged institutions and organization that are recognized and approved to enjoy duty..Read More