PLANNED MAINTENANCE 10/09/2015 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM - Please note that we will be shutting down the GTH site for 30 minutes for critical network upgrade. Please bear with us during this period. Thank you.

1 00Reserved
2 10Direct Export
3 19Export Following Free Zones
4 20Direct Temporary Export
5 27Temporary Export Following Warehousing
6 30Direct Re-export for Goods landed but not entered
7 34Re-export following home consumption
8 35Re-export following temporary Admission
9 37Re-export following warehousing
10 39Other Re-export
11 40Import into home consumption (Direct Import)
12 45Import into home consumption following temporary admission
13 47Import into home Consumption following warehousing
14 48Home Consumption following coast-wise Transhipment/Transit
15 49Import into home consumption following Free Zone / Duty Free Stores
16 50Temporary Admission
17 57Temporary Admission following warehouse
18 59Temporary Admission Following Free Zone
19 61Re-import following Direct Export
20 62Re-import following Temporary Export
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