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important notice on container packing list

 As part of the measures to ensure speedy clearance and efficiency at MPS Terminal 3, the Commissioner-General of the Ghana Revenue Authority has directed that with effect from 25TH JUNE, 2019, it shall be mandatory for importers to attach comprehensive Packing list comprising itemised list of goods in each container as a requirement for request for Customs Classification and Valuation Rep more

customs updates media on new trade enhancements

The Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority has assembled members of the press in a forum, as an effort to educate the public on current enhancements in the trade and port clearance system.Customs, since 2002 has partnered IT Solutions companies, to create a secure trade platform that facilitates the exchange of information between the Government of Ghana and the trade & logistics c more

single window reducing under declaring at ports – gra

The introduction of the Single Window Application Platform reduced the issue of under declaring at the port.Under declaring happens when importers quote lower prices of goods imported to warrant lower duties.The single window application platform is a web application hosted centrally on a web server with a centralized database server. West Blue implements this solution to help automate the trad more


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