Dydrocarbons - Light oils

Light Oils:- Light oil is a liquid converted from crude oil (in a oil refinery) or heavy oil (in a chemical plant). It can be converted to petroleum gas, or used to create solid fuel or flamethrower ammo.

Exporter Information

S/N Exporter Name Email Address
1 ADVANCED MARITIME TRANSPORTS GHANA LTD. support@ghanastradinghub.com
2 ALITALIA AIRLINE support@ghanastradinghub.com
3 BOSSS MARINE SERVICES LIMITED support@ghanastradinghub.com
4 CHASE PETROLEUM support@ghanastradinghub.com
5 ENI GHANA EXP AND PROD LTD support@ghanastradinghub.com
6 TOTAL PETROLEUM GHANA LIMITED support@ghanastradinghub.com
7 VIVO ENERGY GHANA LIMITED support@ghanastradinghub.com
8 XF PETROLEUM & ENGINEERING COMPANY LTD. support@ghanastradinghub.com
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