Dairy Products (Raw) - Natural Honey

Natural Honey:- Raw honey is the most original sweet liquid that honeybees produce from the concentrated nectar of flowers. Collected straight from the honey extractor; it is totally unheated, unpasteurized, unprocessed honey.

Exporter Information

S/N Exporter Name Email Address
1 2000 GENERATION COMPANY LIMITED support@ghanastradinghub.com
2 ALHAJI SAHO BUBA support@ghanastradinghub.com
3 CHARLES BOATENG support@ghanastradinghub.com
4 COB & CHAMBS COMPANY LIMITED support@ghanastradinghub.com
5 HAYES TRANSPORT EXPORTS & IMPORTS support@ghanastradinghub.com
6 HOME LOGISTICS SERVICES support@ghanastradinghub.com
7 KONADU ELIZABETH support@ghanastradinghub.com
8 MIVA LIFELINE LIMITED support@ghanastradinghub.com
9 NANA KWASI AGYEMANG NAKWAS ENTERPRISE support@ghanastradinghub.com
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