Horticultural Products - Coconuts

Coconuts:- The term "coconut" (or the archaic "cocoanut") can refer to the whole coconut palm, the seed, or the fruit, which botanically is a drupe, not a nut

Exporter Information

S/N Exporter Name Email Address
1 ELSSY KESS COMPANY LIMITED support@ghanastradinghub.com
2 EVERGREEN PRODUCTION LIMITED support@ghanastradinghub.com
3 FRANK NYANYO support@ghanastradinghub.com
4 HPW FRESH & DRY LIMITED support@ghanastradinghub.com
5 KILLIOUS ENTERPRISE support@ghanastradinghub.com
6 KNIGHT FOODS support@ghanastradinghub.com
7 KUZORLI PEACE support@ghanastradinghub.com
8 MR. ALABA KWAKU SIMON support@ghanastradinghub.com
9 PEACE KUZORLI support@ghanastradinghub.com
10 RAMPSON ADOM ENTERPRISE support@ghanastradinghub.com
11 RICHARD MYERS support@ghanastradinghub.com
12 SIMON KWAKU ALABA support@ghanastradinghub.com
13 SINNOT COMPANY LIMITED support@ghanastradinghub.com
14 WAD AFRICAN FOODS LIMITED support@ghanastradinghub.com
15 WEST AFRICA COCONUT BUYERS ASSOC. support@ghanastradinghub.com
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