The Ashanti Technology Park (ATP) located at Ejisu in the Ashanti Region is also in the very center of Ghana. The Ashanti Region has abundant resources, including most of Ghana's rich cocoa beans, gold, timber and wood, leather ware, and tourist sites. The Park occupies an area of 1099 acres.
The GFZB is positioned for partnership with investors interested in developing the Ashanti Technology Park. Participation can be through joint ventures and sector specific infrastructure development.
Variable industrial sectors specially earmarked for this up-coming zone include:

  • ICT Cyber village
  • Cocoa Processing
  • Light Industrial manufacturing
  • Heavy Industrial manufacturing
  • Warehousing and Logistics Services
  • Social Services Center
  • Bio-Technology Development

The Ashanti Technology Park is to evolve into a multi purpose export processing zone where opportunities also abound for investment in water production and distribution, electrical from thermal and bio-mass plants, telecommunications infrastructure, accessories manufacturing, data processing and call center operations, development of telecommunications infrastructure and data processing centres.

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